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A stop in Hawaii

This morning we stopped in Hawaii. On the way I saw whales breaching to welcome us. We headed downtown to pick up some supplies. We will be on the water nine days straight as we head to Japan. Enjoying the warm weather here. It will be cold in Japan. Advertisements

Our route around the world

Here is our route over the next 106 days. Here is our route around the world. We are at sea for four more days then will dock on the big island of Hawaii. Ship is still rocking and rolling. Feels like a giant baby cradle being rocked back and forth. San Diego to Hawaii is […]

In Mexico port

We sailed to Mexico last night. Glad I took my Sickness pills. A little rockin and Rollin going on out in the water. INTERESTING but I did not get sick. A ginger pill, sea bands on my wrists and a patch on the back of my ear and I was Good to go. MEETING today […]

We get on the ship on Monday

We get on the ship on Monday.  This will be my home for 108 days.  I have no idea how big…..or little the room will be.  Will share pictures as soon as I can.  Hopefully Monday sometime.

Off to San Diego

So I am getting ready to go on a voyage around the world with 635 students.  I have had all my shots (yes there is alot of them). I have my Malaria Pills, my seasickness pills, my sense of adventure and my sense of humor and flexibility.  It had been a long time coming.  We […]