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Entering Shanghai

We came to Shanghai and ended up directly across from the Bund. Very beautiful and a pretty nice day too. Advertisements

random cat day

Not sure how to say that I spent the equivalent of ten U.S. dollars to spend an hour with roaming cats at a place called Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo. Nuff said.


Our welcome to Yokohama.  Beautiful Mt. Fuji.  Lovely  clear day.  Band playing. Water spray and crowd to welcome our ship.    


Look for an update coming soon with pictures. We make land tomorrow in Shanghai and I am looking forward to some good internet that will upload my photos and short videos. First thing though is a Chinese foot message (best in the world!)

Rough waters ahead

Last day before getting to Yokohama was super rough. High seas with waves over 20 feet and winds at 65 knots. LOTS OF ROCKIN AND A ROLLIN but by morning all calm.

Rather rough ride.

A little crossing the Pacific on our last day before arrival in Yokohama. Winds at 65 knots and over 20 foot waves but we made it. We were greeted by a boat shooting water and a band to greet us on the dock. It was really sweet.

Leaving Hawaii

Pictures as we leave Hawaii