Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rough waters ahead

Last day before getting to Yokohama was super rough. High seas with waves over 20 feet and winds at 65 knots. LOTS OF ROCKIN AND A ROLLIN but by morning all calm. Advertisements

Rather rough ride.

A little crossing the Pacific on our last day before arrival in Yokohama. Winds at 65 knots and over 20 foot waves but we made it. We were greeted by a boat shooting water and a band to greet us on the dock. It was really sweet.

Leaving Hawaii

Pictures as we leave Hawaii

Leaving Hawaii

Pictures as we leave Hawaii

Off again Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

Will be sailing across the Pacific ocean for the next seven days. Nothing but a water view until Yokohama Japan. We left a temperature of 85 degrees to get to 28 in Japan. Big difference. will lose an entire day on the 21st of January. Good Bye USA until May.

Dock in the the big island of Hawaii tomorrow

We will ‘reach our first land tomorrow when we dock in the big island of Hawaii tomorrow. I would like to go see the volcano. After we leave the big island we will be on the water for nine straight days. Actually ten, but we lose a day crossing a date line.

First class at sea

Getting ready for my first class at sea. International Marketing taught in the middle of the Pacific ocean!